Saturday, July 24, 2010


I guess I have been writing a lot lately, but that is because, there seems to be plenty happening. As I have said in my Navy Blog, I have a friend staying with us this weekend. We have had some good time together, but he is really here for a friend of his wedding. He and I stayed up a little late last night, talking Navy, about 11:30PM I went to bed and right to sleep. I woke at 5:00AM and I thought wow, I slept all night. I went to the bathroom, went back to bed until 7:00AM and then got up and made coffee. I woke my wife at 8:00 AM and told her how good I felt sleeping all night. She told me; "No you didn't!" I know I was dreaming, I always do, but the content of those dreams is lost to me most of the time and certainly last night. But, according to my wife, I was laying on my back, moving my hands and arms, like I was trying to repair something or put something together. She said she held my hands down a couple of times, trying to calm me, and as soon as she let go, I went back to "Work". I have no idea what I was doing, there was no finished product when I got up, but I did feel rested and good! I sure hope I work tonight too!

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