Friday, July 9, 2010

Life's blessings

We just had the apartment full of family, for the Fourth of July holiday and it was great! I have to tell you that I had more fun, did more things, and enjoyed myself more that I have since last summer. We went Para sailing for the first time!! My wife and I had thought about it once or twice, but we did it. We went up 1000 feet! OK, they let out 1000' of line and the boat was going forward, but we were up there. I asked the crew to really dunk us in the ocean, they did! It was great! Now, we probably would not have done that if we did not have all the company, but they were interested and it all fit together. I also got the opportunity to take my Nephew's 10 year old son shooting for the first time. I also took my other Nephew and his wife shooting. They have a son on active duty in the Army who has just returned from his first tour in Iraq. It was good for them to shoot the same weapons their son uses everyday. I also got 9 holes of golf in. I have not golfed since I was diagnosed with PD and Dementia. I even parred two holes! I think I will go again, soon. All in all, it was a wonderful time and I thank my Sister for lending me her family for 6 days. Now I am looking forward to my son and his families visit in August. We have more adventures planned.

Family is important, it is refreshing, and it gives you strength. They understood, as much as anyone can, my restrictions and limitations and tried not to overload me. I did very well, thanks to their understanding and my Wife's constant care. Which is really the topic of this writing. My wife like so many other loving spouses faced with the issues of their spouses disease, has had some denial issues. Yet, she has been supportive, loving, and caring. But in the past month or so, Linda has really began to deal with this challenge and has taken the lead in my medical care and well being. She has become very protective of me. Making sure that I am rested enough, fed well, and comfortable. But most of all, she is loving and gentle with me. We have been married for over 37 years, and we have been through plenty. Gee, I deployed to Viet Nam less that 8 weeks after we were married. We had 7 major deployments and the numerous out and ins that make up shipboard life. I moved her from her beloved home state, to Great Lakes, Illinois. That's grounds for divorce alone. As I have written before, we have bought, sold, and moved from more houses since I retired from the Navy than we did while we were on active duty. We have owned more cars that "Little Joe's" used car dealership. Linda has had to deal with my many faults, and always did so in a gracious, supportive, way. She has a way of letting me know when I am wrong, comforting me when things have gone wrong, and rebuilt my foundations when they were shaken. Now, as always, she has taken the lead as my cheer leader, medical advisor, care taker, and as always my best friend. Our life has had it's bumps and ruts, but even with these medical challenges, I really can say, this is the best time of our lives. Over 37 years ago, on a blind date, on Thanksgiving Day, GOD brought us together. I am eternally thankful for that and I am eternally grateful for her help, love, and steadfast companionship. I love my wife, and that says it all.

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