Wednesday, June 9, 2010

We're Back!!

What a whirlwind trip! Our trip to Iowa was nothing short of fantastic. We were treated like long lost family, which we were, from the moment we rang the door bell at our hosts home. What a warm reception. Remember this couple, the husband is 94 and the wife is 89! They still drive, keep house, cook, go to church, and host family reunions with 30 people in attendance. Oh, did I mention she makes homemade ice cream and candy?! Every meal was a home made taste delight. The house was hospital clean, and the fellowship as warm, rewarding, and very special. We met more wonderful people than I can remember. Linda spent a long time working on family tree discoveries with two of her cousins. I saw them sharing information, pictures, and notes about family births, deaths, and birth places. One of the cousin's husband also had Parkinson's. He and I bonded almost immediately. He also loves automobiles and is fun to be with. He started a rumor that he and I got Parkinson's from our wives, who are of the same family tree! Makes sense to me. Our host also had a regulation pool table in his basement. Sunday night, he gave me lessons! He can play pool, not for a man of 94, almost 95, but he can play pool that would make a pool shark cry! Wow! It was good that we left for home on Monday, because it was apparent that we were wearing them out just a little. But we will be back, and soon.

Upon our return, I had an appointment with my neurologist here in Virginia Beach. It was a good visit and I came away feeling cared for and content with my progress. I really do like and respect my neurologist. I believe her aggressive treatment of my condition has bought me some time, slowed my memory decline, and helped me get ready for the future. That was Tuesday. After that visit, we made the trek to UVA to see the 14 year old Neurologist that thinks she is a research doctor. She had cognitive skills testing scheduled for me to start at 0830 on Wednesday. We got to Charlottsville at 10PM and finally got to sleep around midnight. We were right on time fr the testing and there were no real surprises. I have been through this series of tests twice before. I will say, that this series of tests lacked some of the tests that my local neurologist uses. Just the same, it was OK. The I me with the Psychologist with the PHD. That is also normal, I see one here. He asked all the usual questions and had the usual answers. What made me angry was that he had not reviewed my record and did not have my previous test results from my home neurologist. I was supposed to see the 14 year old at 2 PM. The PHD decided that would be a waste of time, since he would not have time to decode the tests I had taken today and also, he did not have the other tests to compare them too! Does anyone do their homework anymore. To top that off, he had the audacity to ask ME to call my neurologist and have her fax the files to him. THAT WILL BE THE DAY!! He and the 14 year old get paid big money to do their job, and that includes preparing for my visit. I did not make these appointments, they did. I did not co-locate the appointments, they did. This will be the last time I spend $110 for a hotel room and $40 worth of gas to be exposed to two kids playing doctor at my expense! It took me the three hour drive back to Virginia Beach and two hours at home to calm down enough to write this. Tomorrow I am going to stop in and see my neurologist and tell her what I think of this so called research neurologist. And that opinion is not good. I have little patience for people who are supposed to be professionals, that do not do their homework! I also intend to write a letter to the UVA Medical Center and flame spray their organization, or lack of. It was apparent that no one was in charge.

So, good family reunion, one more bad medical event. If I was a professional baseball player, batting .500 would be pretty good.

One other funny note. I drove when we went out and the 94 year old rode in the front. I would have to remind him to put his seat belt on. He would always comment; " If you don't have confidence in your driving, I'm not going to argue." I thought that about said it all!

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