Thursday, June 3, 2010

Traveling, for the first time

This is the first time Linda and I have traveled since my problems have progressed. We are going to fly to Iowa, to meet some "Live" relatives that she has never met before. This should be real interesting. The person we are staying with knew Linda's father when he came over from Germany in 1927. She was 7 years old. That makes her, let's see, OLD! And the lady and her husband still live on their farm! I hope there's more than one bathroom.

Travel has always been a bit uncomfortable but now, taking me out of my routine, my comfort zone, is problematic. I won't even have Marcel the wonder dog with me to keep me calm. But, this is a good test. It is a short trip, frantic, what I used to call a "Surgical Strike". We will see how I do and how she handles my problems with environment, time, and confusion. I won't even know where the coffee pot is!!

We went to a presentation on Dementia last Tuesday that was very informative and provided some answers. The two health professionals talked about many of the issues that I am experiencing. I thought, in my own way, I am normal!! That is, I am experiencing the same things others with dementia and Alzheimer's do. For instance, at night, noise really causes me to become agitated. Watching TV, when they increase the volume for the commercials, and it keeps getting louder, each commercial at a time. I really get angry, almost uncontrollably so. Well, that is normal, for my condition. There, the world is messed up, not me! We also got connected to a support group that meets once a month. We will miss the June meeting but we will be sure to make the July meeting, I hope.

So, we are off, on our trip, not our rockers, I hope. I will let you know how it went when we return. Oh, by the way, after we return, I have an appointment the next day with my neurologist, then we drive to UVA for a 4 hour cognitive skills test and an appointment with the 14 year old neurologist on the next day. Wow, what a whirlwind.


  1. I have just found your blog and I want to thank you for it. I am caring for a dear friend who has Lewy Body Dementia. He is either further down the road of it than you or else has much less insight into his disease so your blog is enormously helpful in helping me to understand some of what he is going through. I have no one local to me who knows much about Lewy Body so am often guessing as to how best to respond to situations. Your blog gives me another perspective which is very helpful. many many thanks.