Saturday, June 19, 2010

Today has been an interesting day.

You may remember that a while ago, I had a problem acting out my violent dreams. This led to two instances where I physically accosted my wife. She was not seriously injured, but I brought it up to my Neurologist. Her reply was, "I was expecting this." She explained that it was because of the effect my dementia was having on my brain. She further explained that the "normal" brain paralyzes the muscles during REM sleep. REM sleep is when dreaming occurs. In her words, that part of my brain was not broke. She then prescribed a medicine called Clonazepam. I don't know what it does, but I don't hit my wife anymore and that's good! She really did not like sleeping in a catchers mask, even though I did get he a very comfortable one, It was the "Johnny Bench" model. I call these pills my "don't hit Linda" pills. And as I said, they seem to work. My last visit to my neurologist, my wife discussed the continuing vivid, violent dreams that I continue to have. What can I say, I led a violent life and I am reliving it in my dreams. In any case, these dreams wake me up, three or four times a night. It seems like, when the movie is over, (that is, the dream) I wake up. Then I go back to sleep and have another feature length dream. The neurologist suggested that I double the dose of the Clonazepam, to see if that reduced the dreaming. I started the new dosage last Thursday. I can honestly tell you I sleep all night through. I still dream, I just don't wake up. Nothing wakes me up. Thursday night my wife came to bed well after me, got another blanket out of the closet, put it on the bed, switched it's position because she had it on wrong, and all through this event, I never stirred. OK, this seems like a good deal. At least I am sleeping through the night.

Today, all I wanted to do was sleep. I woke up at 0800, drank some coffee, had some toast, took my morning meds, and went back to bed by 0930. I stayed in bed until 2:30PM. I finally got up and ate lunch, walked the dog, got the mail, but that was the extent of my energy. We were supposed to go to a Church gathering this evening, but I could not deal with the thought of a large number of people. So, we stayed home.

Now, I am not saying it is related to the increase of my "Don't Hit Linda" drug, but it bears watching. In the past, recently, I have had increasing problems with crowds, noise, and commotion. So, this may just be that problem increasing. But, this has been a very introspective and introverted day. We will see what tomorrow brings.

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