Sunday, June 13, 2010

Surprise, Surprise!

Well, let me update you from my last post. You will recall that I was anything but pleased with the treatment I received at UVA. I sent a rather informative, polite, but pointed email to the Clinical Neuropsychologist (PHD) man child explaining that I did not appreciate them not doing their homework before I drove 3 hours and stayed overnight at the reduced rate of $110/night, plus tax. Not to mention the fact that he wanted me to get the results of past testing from my doctor. Aren't we all connected by the Internet these days?! I also dropped a copy of that email off at my Neurologist's office. Well, Friday I received a telephone call from the PHD and he was surprised at my rantings. I guess I should have blown up in his face. Trust me, next time I will. But I was nice and he apologized and said he would now do his homework and wanted a chance to make this right. I agreed, so we will meet again an a couple of weeks. Then, Saturday morning, at 0930, the 14 year old called me! She was less apologetic and acted like someone made her call, probably her mother. But, just the same, she admitted they messed up. The surprise to me was, she did not even know she had a Wednesday appointment with me. If I was not retired, I would go out there and square their office away! So, sometime in July, I will make the trek to UVA one more time. If they don't do me right this time, I am going to the hospital administrator. I hope he is over 21.

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