Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Last Move. Complete, I hope.

Sorry, I have not added to this Blog for a number of days. Time passes faster retired. The final pieces are in place in the apartment, after being without a couch for a month, our new sofa was delivered today. One thing is for sure, I am never moving that sleeper sofa myself! It weighs a ton. It is the new one with the sleep number mattress. I may have made a mistake. Making company too comfortable is always a mistake. Just joking. With the arrival of the couch, I could put up the last of the art work in the living room. So, with that, we are finally all moved in. Of course, the house is not sold yet, but I still truly believe GOD will take care of that issue. We have had a lot of people looking at the house and we have been a number of folks second choice. But, in this market, number two is not good enough. We have been getting plenty of exercise with the warmer weather. The canoe has been busy, and the dog is getting tired of walks! He actually laid down during a walk at a local park today, as if to say; "That's it, I've had enough!" My cane is now my constant companion as I see more and more problems keeping my balance. Sometimes, it just feels like the room moved. If we lived in San Diego I would blame earthquakes. It's not a big deal, just an annoyance. Just like so many other parts of my disease. I find that I am mentally, pretty well off in the morning, after I have had a couple cups of coffee and a good while to wake up. I take afternoon naps most of the time, but I still find that my mental ability and my emotional stability seem to go down considerably in the evening. Again, I think that is normal for what I am going through. But it is annoying. My wife continues to try to keep me mentally engaged and is continually looking at my condition from the positive side. That helps me, because all of the "paper cuts" wear on you after a while.

So, while the major stress of the move seems to be past, and we seem to be settled, I find that I have not rebounded to my mental capacity or my physical ability that I had before the move. I guess the neurologist was right. She's good!

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  1. I pray that your days are full and enjoyable with opportunities to create lots of fond memories for you and your wife to cherish.