Saturday, April 24, 2010

GOD'S Perfect Timing.

If you have been keeping up with our move to our retirement retreat, you know that one big worry was the sale of our home. You know this is a slow real estate market and not the best time to be selling, even with the $8000 tax break the federal government is offering. We have had our home on the market since February. We have had plenty of people looking at our home, but no real offers. We had been told that we were the "Second Choice" for a number of buyers, but still no offers. At the advice of our agent, we lowered our price a number of times, but no offers still. With the pending end of the $8000 tax credit, I was beginning to worry. Oh ME of little faith! Last Tuesday we received an offer that was very fair and we were ecstatic. The buyers need to close quickly and were already approved for their loan. The home inspection and termite inspections were Thursday, I said they were in a hurry. The appraisal will probably be this week. All is moving very smoothly and very quickly.

You may ask, why is everything going so fast now? Because this is when GOD had it planned for the house to sell and this is the family HE had planned to live in this home and benefit from all of the improvements HE enabled us to make on the house. I suffer, like many of you, from wanting to be in charge of everything, all the time. GOD has HIS plans and they are perfect. HIS timing is perfect. I need to be faithful enough and smart enough to let HIM solve my problems. If I worry, it will not make anything better. I cannot add one day to my life by worrying. So, I shouldn't. This move, and the sale of our home has taught me this lesson as never before. When we are at our weakest, GOD is at his strongest, if we will only let HIM be.

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  1. Sometimes I get anxious and remind the Lord what time it is. OK more than sometimes.

    But I especially like it when OTHERS get anxious for me and I am not.
    I love the part where I say, "Wait for it" and I get the nay sayers and the doubting Thomas' or the "If I were you"-ers. Then, at the perfect moment, when it looks like all is lost, it all comes together and I admit I gloat just a little when I say, "Told ya so. He's an on time God" Gives me goose bumps every time. God is GOOD! :)