Saturday, April 24, 2010

GOD'S Perfect Timing.

If you have been keeping up with our move to our retirement retreat, you know that one big worry was the sale of our home. You know this is a slow real estate market and not the best time to be selling, even with the $8000 tax break the federal government is offering. We have had our home on the market since February. We have had plenty of people looking at our home, but no real offers. We had been told that we were the "Second Choice" for a number of buyers, but still no offers. At the advice of our agent, we lowered our price a number of times, but no offers still. With the pending end of the $8000 tax credit, I was beginning to worry. Oh ME of little faith! Last Tuesday we received an offer that was very fair and we were ecstatic. The buyers need to close quickly and were already approved for their loan. The home inspection and termite inspections were Thursday, I said they were in a hurry. The appraisal will probably be this week. All is moving very smoothly and very quickly.

You may ask, why is everything going so fast now? Because this is when GOD had it planned for the house to sell and this is the family HE had planned to live in this home and benefit from all of the improvements HE enabled us to make on the house. I suffer, like many of you, from wanting to be in charge of everything, all the time. GOD has HIS plans and they are perfect. HIS timing is perfect. I need to be faithful enough and smart enough to let HIM solve my problems. If I worry, it will not make anything better. I cannot add one day to my life by worrying. So, I shouldn't. This move, and the sale of our home has taught me this lesson as never before. When we are at our weakest, GOD is at his strongest, if we will only let HIM be.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Our retirement retreat

Many of you know that Linda and I moved, very abruptly, to an over 55 apartment. It was a decision we thought and prayed about for quite a while, but just could not come to a decision about. Then, one day in January, we decided, very quickly, to rent an apartment in this wonderful community that we watch as it was built. Now, I must admit, the speed at which we moved is completely out of character for either of us. But we believe it is what GOD had planned for us. Since we moved in the first week of March, each day has been better, we have been more relaxed, and we have enjoyed life more fully. There are paths around lakes for walking. Benches and a screened in gazebo to relax in, a club house, a well equipped Fitness Center, a pool, that will soon open for the season, and... well, you get the idea. But what really makes this complex so beneficial to us is the staff. Of course, there have been a few minor things that leaked, did not work correctly, or needed adjusted, in our apartment. The maintenance staff quickly and efficiently addressed each issue. Today, I asked for help installing a medicine cabinet in the master bath. Just as scheduled, one of the wonderful maintenance folks came and helped me, really installed, the cabinet. There just seems to be no end to their helpfulness. We moved here because it was becoming more and more difficult for us to maintain our home as I addressed in past blogs. Here, there is no worry. The staff will come to the rescue! If you or your parents are considering retirement living, please consider an over 55 complex for them, or you. Do your homework, read the reviews online, talk to the residents already there. But don't think that home ownership is the only path to happiness in retirement. Specially if you or your parents have disability issues. It is nice to feel free to lock the door and go see the grand kids, or travel to where ever, not having to worry about the lawn, a broken pipe, or anything else. For us, this is real freedom. If you want the name of our complex, email me, and I will gladly give you the info.

Two bumper stickers come to mind. The first; "Whoever dies with the most toys, wins!" and the second: "If you die, we are splitting up your gear." It's not things that make you rich, it's friends. And when your time on earth is done, what you have accumulated will go to people who won't even remember you ten years from now. Trust GOD for your future, Trust Jesus for your salvation, and Trust the Holy Spirit for your advice in life. You will be much happier. I promise!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Last Move. Complete, I hope.

Sorry, I have not added to this Blog for a number of days. Time passes faster retired. The final pieces are in place in the apartment, after being without a couch for a month, our new sofa was delivered today. One thing is for sure, I am never moving that sleeper sofa myself! It weighs a ton. It is the new one with the sleep number mattress. I may have made a mistake. Making company too comfortable is always a mistake. Just joking. With the arrival of the couch, I could put up the last of the art work in the living room. So, with that, we are finally all moved in. Of course, the house is not sold yet, but I still truly believe GOD will take care of that issue. We have had a lot of people looking at the house and we have been a number of folks second choice. But, in this market, number two is not good enough. We have been getting plenty of exercise with the warmer weather. The canoe has been busy, and the dog is getting tired of walks! He actually laid down during a walk at a local park today, as if to say; "That's it, I've had enough!" My cane is now my constant companion as I see more and more problems keeping my balance. Sometimes, it just feels like the room moved. If we lived in San Diego I would blame earthquakes. It's not a big deal, just an annoyance. Just like so many other parts of my disease. I find that I am mentally, pretty well off in the morning, after I have had a couple cups of coffee and a good while to wake up. I take afternoon naps most of the time, but I still find that my mental ability and my emotional stability seem to go down considerably in the evening. Again, I think that is normal for what I am going through. But it is annoying. My wife continues to try to keep me mentally engaged and is continually looking at my condition from the positive side. That helps me, because all of the "paper cuts" wear on you after a while.

So, while the major stress of the move seems to be past, and we seem to be settled, I find that I have not rebounded to my mental capacity or my physical ability that I had before the move. I guess the neurologist was right. She's good!