Monday, March 15, 2010

The UVA visit

I told you that I had a consultation with a neurologist at the University of Virginia, ordered/ recommended by my neurologist. Well that visit was today. All the stress of the move, trying to sell our house, retiring, and now this! Linda and I are both JUST recovering from bad colds, but we went, spent the night, and made the appointment at 2:30 PM. I knew this neurologist was also a female, that's OK, no issue for me. But I was expecting someone with some experience, maturity, presence, from a research university medical center. Nope, not this time, in walks a 14 year old, 4'11'' tall, wearing corfam doctor's shoes! I swear!! Not only do I have underwear older that this girl, I was wearing it! Now, I will give her credit, she did spend over an hour with us, but that's because the hands on her Play School Clock don't move on their own! Remember that "Play Doctor" toy kit you got when you were two with the stethoscope that really worked and the little plastic hammer. That's what she was using. I thought the purpose of this visit was to confirm what my, rather seasoned private practitioner of neurology, has observed and tested for over three years. I got the idea she did not believe I was sick, that my symptoms were faked, and I was an overall malingering gold brick. I expected her to call General Patton in to slap me with his gloves!!

OK, now you have the scene cemented in your mind. I swear, this is all true. Now she wants me to drive three hours back to UVA to redo the Cognitive Skills Tests, with her Clinical Psychologist, That should be a trip. How old is this doctor? Will I use a crayon or finger paints to mark the blocks? Will there be a nap time in the middle of the testing? Through all this humor, you may detect some frustration, and that's true. I HATE being treated like I am not sick, and that I am trying to beat the system. In general, I am really pissed off!. But, I will do the tests just to prove my point. This is not turning out anything like I thought it would. More to come.

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  1. SilverFox... so sorry to hear about your UVA appointment being such a let down.

    It's really hard with LBD, folks don't understand, not even some medical professionals!

    You did make me laugh with how you wrote your story... thank you for that, even though I know it wasn't funny at the time you were living the experience.