Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring is Here!

Linda and I have been settling into our new apartment. It has been stressful as I have discussed. The house still has not sold, so that is weighing on my mind, and the prospect of proving that I am sick to another doctor is upsetting to me and my wife. But, Spring has sprung! The weather was great today! No rain, 73 degrees, and we decided not to work on finding a place for everything and go canoeing! We went to a Lake we had not been on called Lake Smith, and it was wonderful. The lake is big, serene, with few power boats and a plethora of wild life to observe. I love to look at turtles and they were out sunning themselves everywhere. The geese were fighting over mating territory and they were fun to watch. We spent over an hour and a half, rowing across this majestic lake. It was relaxing and it recharged our batteries. It was much needed. Yes, I am sore and I will admit, I had problems getting out of the canoe because I locked up. But it was fun! We have to remember that we retired early, to enjoy time together while I am still healthy enough to be fun. Today was a perfect example. Yes, there were things to do at the house and the apartment. But they will wait until the weather is not good enough for canoeing. Today was GOD's gift to us. Thanks Father.

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  1. What a great way to enjoy this awesome day that we had today... I chose to spend the day with my mom outside instead of cleaning. We had way more fun... just like you and Linda. Yay!!!!