Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Move!

Well, All of our possessions are in one place! It took six days, and the help of some very dedicated friends from our Church, my Search Radar Branch team, and my best friend Jerry and his family. But we made it. We finally got to, actually found our bed, at 11PM last night. Then, our 18 year old cat decided to spend the night telling us she did not appreciate our moving without her permission. My mistake! Now we are in the "Where does this go?" mode. Most things fit, some will go in the yard sale, others to charity. Of course, our rule has always been, friends have first selection. This has been a far more traumatic and mentally draining move that I could have imagined. It used to be, we could do this move in one day, unpack the next, and be ready to go to work. Now, I am too tired to do anything and my wife is working double time! She is a wonderful wife, friend, and love. I hope she keeps me. My Neurologist was right when she told Linda and I to make this move now! I do not know how we could have done this with me in any worse condition. But, GOD was gracious, and HIS timing is always right. It certainly was this time.

Then there is the problem of my dear friend, Marcel the miniature poodle. He likes to be with me, all the time. In our house, I did not know if he barked and whined when both of us were gone or not. But a neighbor has already let me know that Marcel whines and barks when I am gone. I am hoping that it is the new environment and he will stop, soon. I also bought one of those sonic "Dog Bark" training devices. The dog next door stopped barking, but Marcel still seems to get his two cents in when someone knocks at the door. We will see if Marcel or the Neighbor get trained. I would HATE to have to find him a new home. I really love that little dog. But, we are not moving again.

I promise to expand on the experiences of this move when my energy levels increase. Thanks for your prayers ans support.

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