Monday, March 8, 2010

The Move, Part II.

Well, I promised I would continue to update you on the progress of what I am now calling; "The Last Move!" This is a lot harder and more emotionally draining that I had ever expected. I have been overwhelmed by emotions, doubts of the wisdom of this move, and worry. Depression is my constant companion. I am getting more worn out and more emotional as time wears on. My wife, bless her, is working diligently at making our apartment an orderly home. She is placing everything in a logical location so it will best fit both of us. I am almost unable to help her. We did go back to the house today and start cleaning and packing up most of what is left. I believe one more load in my trusty Subaru Forrester will get it. Doing manual work always helps me when I am overwhelmed. But, my physical limitations make that hard to do. Just the same, WE got plenty done today. I would not be ashamed if someone looked at the house today. We still desperately need a buyer. But I believe that is in GOD'S hands.

As far as my doubts about the wisdom of this move. I discussed this with my wife today and she assured me that this was the RIGHT thing to do at the correct time. SO, since I am not thinking straight, I will defer to her judgment. I told he I was ready to paint the entire house out, inside, replace the carpet, and move back in. She did not agree. Most likely she is right. But the emotional roller coaster that I am on is terrifying.

I am also noticing more weakness in my arms and legs. Friday and Saturday, I felt very good and stronger that I have in a long time. That has passed. My mental alertness is also diminishing. I took a nap this afternoon to try to refresh. It did not work. Both of these symptom swings are common with PD with Dementia and LBD. If I have not mentioned it, I have a consultation at UVA Medical on Monday. My neurologist wants a second opinion. I expect the doctor to tell me I am ugly also. That would be a second opinion!

My little poodle friend, Marcel had a better day, of sorts. The sonic bark controller did not work, so, I purchased one of those collars that shock the dog when he barks. He has finally agreed to reduce his barking when we are both gone. We were able to go shopping for a hour today and when we returned, he was quiet and calm. We immediately took the collar off, praised him for being a good boy and I took him for a long walk. Hopefully positive reinforcement for his good behavior will also hep him control his barking and whining for me when I am gone. I realize it is annoying for the neighbors. But they need to let him get acclimated also.

That's the update for now. More later.

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