Saturday, February 6, 2010

Life's decisions.

My wife and I, along with my son and his wonderful wife, have been able to make some life's decisions concerning where my wife and I will live. I know, at least I think I know, that I have addressed in the past, our desire to make our lives simpler. Get rid of home ownership responsibilities for me and my wife. We discussed this with my neurologist during my January visit and she agreed that NOW was the time to make the move. Why, because I need to get used to where I am, I need routine, and as my Dementia progresses, the unknown will be even harder to deal with. We also discussed this with an "Elder Law Attorney and he agreed with our reasoning. In any case, there is this new construction "over 55" complex that we have had our eyes on. But, we were having difficulty making the final decision. One day last week, we were out and about, and we visited another apartment complex, that is not "Over 55" that is close to the beach. I will admit, the complex is beautiful, wonderfully maintained, and equipped with all the class "A" amenities. But, it was not "Over 55" and did not have the handicap access I knew I needed. Just the same, we liked them. So, I asked my wife if we could revisit the community we liked. She agreed and we quickly drove over to them. We have been looking at these places so long that the staff knows us by name. It just so happened that they had only one apartment left un-leased and it was the model we loved. We took a tour of it and decided to sign the lease on the spot! We move in March! This apartment has every item on our list including grab bars in the bathrooms, showers and bathtub. We came home, called our realtor, and put the house on the market in the middle of the worst snow storm for our area in 20 years. We have had three different people look,, and I know someone will buy our home, because it is a great home in a wonderful neighborhood, and mostly because I believe GOD has directed our steps. So, the decision has been made, and soon, the next chapter of our life will unfold. GOD is good!! I am happy.

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