Thursday, September 3, 2009

Doctor's Feelings.

Today, I had my usual 4 month meeting with my Neurologist. She is an exceptional doctor and has taken great care of me. She always spends a great deal of time explaining things to me and answering my questions. She has been courteous and caring, at least until today. Now I will admit that anyone can have an off day, be a little down, bothered by what someone else said, or just grumpy. But, today my Neurologist just wasn't herself. Since I have become ultra-sensative in recent months, I assume it is something I did. Yes, I know what the word ASSUME is an acronym for. But, just the same, did I do something wrong?

I will admit, I spend a lot of time reading WEB info on my medical problems. I believe I should be proactive about my medical condition, not passive. So, I read WEBMD, and a web site called Patients Like Me, and anything I can get my hands on including books and articles. I read about the drugs, new and old, tests in development, everything. And, when I go to see my Neurologist, I ask HER the questions about what I have learned. Why do I ask, because SHE is my Doctor. The one with the Real Degree who is taking care of me. Now, I do everything she tells me to do, and nothing the web articles tell me to do, unless she recommends it.

Another asset I have, at least until today I thought it was an asset, is a telephone nurse who is from my insurance company. She calls me, or I call her, on a regular basis, to discuss my progress, my meds, and what I am going to discuss with the doctor. This telephone nurse does not talk to my doctor, only to me. In any case, this telephone nurse recommended I ask the doctor if I might have Lewy Body Dementia as a particular type of dementia. So, being the fool that I am, I wrote that question on my usual list of complaints, observations, and symptoms. When my Neurologist read that on my list her attitude immediately changed. She became curt, short, and almost angry with me. I can only deduce that she does not like second opinions or someone second guessing her.

I have learned something today, I will never ask another question, recommended by another medical person again. Maybe I will just take my pills and be quiet.

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  1. Remember Don,

    These doctors work for US!

    If they get offended when a question is asked of them....Cast them out!

    Get a new one...there are PLENTY of quacks out there who are willing to take your money.

    It might be a hassle, but SO WHAT...all you have is time!