Friday, July 17, 2009

Stem Cell Research

Sorry I have not had a post in a while. Summer is always a busy time. We just has a fantastic visit with my Sister's youngest son and his wife and children. It was wonderful! We went to the water park and had fun. I really enjoy young children at a water park. I had fun playing with them and watching them play. We went to a motor park where they could actually drive go-carts that were age specific. Again, true joy, for me and the children. Not to mention my Nephew and his wife driving age specific cars for them too! Then, I got to fulfill a little 9 year old boy's request. He wanted to see an aircraft carrier. So, using my Navy connections, I took all of us on a tour of the USS Truman. It was the best part of the visit. Not because I was back on a Navy ship, but because that little boy's eyes were so big. All he could say was, "I did not know they were this big!" I am really proud of my Nephew and his wife. They are raising wonderful children and they are very much in love. Their visit gave me energy, fun, and life.

There are more summer things to do yet. For instance, My wife and I are going to Omaha to do some grave site research. My wife is into genealogy. This is a trip she has wanted to do for a while, and she wants to take this trip while I still can. I agree. After that, we will make our annual trek to see my Son, Daughter-in-law and grandsons in upstate New York, go to Cleveland and see my Sister, and then go tour Grace Village in Winona Lake, Indiana, to see if that is where we want to retire. A full summer for someone who does not have Parkinson's and Dementia. For me it will be a challenge!

So, now you are up to date, and I can address my topic. I have a new business acquaintance, that is becoming a friend. He is a well off entrepreneur, who has many friends like him. One friend is in hospital management and research. This medical friend is working with a hospital in the Ukraine that is doing extensive Stem Cell research. My new friend knows of my medical issues, and offered to connect me to his medical friend to get me the treatment, in the Ukraine, for my Parkinson's and Dementia. At first blush, most people would probably be interested. A chance to get well, back to normal, a chance to extend my life and ensure a good quality of life. But my view is different. You see, I believe that abortion is KILLING a human being! In my view, it is murder! And I believe it is against God's plan. So, how can I allow myself to benefit from something I am against. Obviously, I cannot, and will not. But I also have another view. Ever since sin entered the world through Adam's sin, death has reigned. We all die, and will continue to die, under God's control, until Jesus returns. So, I am not in control of my life, its' length, or circumstances. Yes, I have two neurological diseases that are degenerative and will continue to get worse until I die. That apparently is God's plan for me, and I fully accept that. As a matter of fact, I welcome it! I don't want to live forever. Remember what the Apostle Paul said, "To live is Christ and to die is gain." Heaven is better than this life, for a Christian.

Finally, I have seen the direction of our country and this world, and I am not all that interested in living in it any longer than I have too. No, I am not suicidal. But I have had a great life, been blessed with great friends and family. Done things others never dreamed of. My life has been exciting and adventurous. But I do not LOVE life. Life is something I have to go through to get to heaven. God gave me this life, and I cannot take it, only HE can. And while I live, I will live for HIM. But I will do nothing to artificially extend my life, even if I could. And I will not go against my Christian values to benefit myself. That's just me.