Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Trying to describe what I am feeling.

One of the most frustrating things about having Parkinson's and Dementia is trying to find the words, life experiences, phrases that relate, what is happening to me. Unlike having a tooth ache, reflux, or a broken leg, PD and especially, Dementia are very hard to relate. Mostly, I believe, because there is no common ground, no common experience, that I can describe to you. Therefore, a friend, a relative, a co-worker, cannot say, "Oh yes, I have had that before. I understand."

Well, one of the more frustrating symptoms that I have experienced from the beginning is this feeling of numbness in the front of my head. Just under the scalp, my head feels like someone injected Novocaine. My head feels numb, spacey, unconnected, but only in the front three square inches of my head, just above my brow. Well, today, the best description popped into my head!

Have you ever drank too much beer, bourbon, wine? Not all three at once, or maybe. Just as you start feeling the effects of the alcohol your face, nose, cheeks, begin to tingle and as the effects takes hold, your face begins to feel numb,, in a strange sort of way. At least mine does. When I drank to excess, I always knew when I had too much, because my nose was numb! I had a friend who was a dedicated "Wild Turkey" drinker. He knew he had too much to drink when his nose began to bleed! I never got that far, my nose just got numb.

In any case, much of the time, that is the feeling I get in the frontal portion of my head when my memory gets tangled and I can't remember things. Maybe it means nothing,. But it is a symptom that I deal with and have since the beginning of my memory issues. The neurologist believes that is a lack of activity in my frontal lobe. All I know is, until now, I did not have a way to relate the feeling to someone who has not experienced it. Now I do.

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