Thursday, June 4, 2009

Physical Therapy

My Neurologist has recently prescribed Physical Therapy for the stiffness and rigidity that I experience in my legs, shoulders and arms. The first appointment, the Therapist did a series of objective tests. I was impressed, because they actually had measurements of my flexibility, my balance, and my ability to reach. Many of the tests had actual measurements that were taken. Others had timing involved. All of these measurements were placed in a computer program and a score was produced. That score said I should use a cane, or some sort of walking assist. I don't feel I need a cane. My doctor's reply is, do you want to wait until you fall and break a hip before you use a cane? OK, she wins.

The following therapy has been stretching, balance exercise, and strengthening exercises. Try standing on a 6 inch thick block of medium soft foam, with your feet together, your arms crossed over your chest, and your eyes closed. For me, that is next to impossible. I fall over, almost every time!

Another balance concern is in the shower. I have a habit of washing my hair with my back to the shower head, then turning around to rinse the shampoo off. I make this turn with my eyes closed. I have a dislike for shampoo in my eyes. That move,, with my eyes closed, make me very unstable, and I have almost fallen a few times. To help with that, my wife and I are changing our morning routine so that I take my shower before she goes to work. Just in case I fall. A small concession to a big issue.

I will let you know if the physical therapy helps after the 4 weeks of treatments. I have reserved judgement, since right now, my legs hurt more than before I started.

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