Thursday, June 25, 2009

Friends, from all over

The folks at the pharmacy that I use are very nice and very caring. There is one Pharmacist's Assistant that always looks after me and asks me or my wife how I am doing. The other day, I went in to pickup some meds and she told me that I was their miracle patient. I asked why. She told me that most people on the meds that I am on just roll up in a ball and give up. But that I was still going strong. I told her that I did not have any quit in me.

I know I worried some of you with my "Depression" post, but I must be honest and depression is a real issue for me. I really want you to know what is going on, and I am interested in feed back from others suffering with Parkinson's and Dementia and their care takers. From what I read on other sites, I am not alone. It is GOD, my wife, Family, Friends, Church Family, work mates, and my little poodle "Marcel" that keeps me going. The folks at the pharmacy are special to me, and those kind words helped. If you folks don't give up on me, I won't give up either.

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  1. We are behind you 100 percent! We love you and will never give up on you. Ever.