Monday, May 25, 2009

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  1. My story is about my Father with a diagnosis of Lewy Bodies Disease. Three years August of 2009, my Daddy wasn't feeling "just right" so, my Mother takes him to Emergency Room.
    He's 70 years old. They run test and determine he was having mini strokes. At that time his oldest sister was full blown Alzheimer. His Mom, years back had a stroke and never came home from the hospital. She was there 3 months, in 1986 they allowed you to stay in the hospital for long periods of times.
    So, my fears and concerns set in knowing his family history. My Father is a very unique man, one who started selling cars at age 16. Growing up he had car lots and nightclubs, nice mix. The weird or strange part is he doesn't drink or smoke so you wonder why the nightclub scene. Well, he's a man that always loved the pretty girls. Oh but my Mother, who is a saint, was home raising children. To add more history about him, he and my Mom always had rental property and still do. We grew up with horses so, my time with him was he and I taking trail rides with groups. He also rode motorcycles. He always had lots of energy. The other side of him, he's a gambler or he was. He always played poker, craps (dice game), played 21 and last but not least he use to play golf too. My parents have quite a number of properties.
    My eyes are tired because for two hours of reading your blog. After 3 years of treatment with blood thinners, patches for memory, a wreck that he didn't recall, thank God nobody was hurt...long nights of hallucinations, one ride to the hospital due to kidney infection. He was diagnosed with Lewy Bodies disease. We ended up requesting a Neuro surgeon. He prescribed a medicine for Parkinson. So, like yourself I set out to learn more about this new diagnosis. The symptom that's driving my Mom crazy is his jealousy! This is really, really bad. I feel so bad for my Mother, she's a very faithful servant to our Lord, and I don't understand. I am not asking WHY, I am not like that. I trust GOD. His stage has reached the very aggressive one. He's very, very depressed, tons of emotions! Anger, crying, feeling guilty so many emotions. I live on the property/horse farm. I plan to follow up with you in the very near future and look forward to any feedback.

    Wendy Ledbtter